A photo’s worth

Inspired and hilarious, the special project by Lisa Bourgault (https://www.fuzzballphotography.com) in January was a fabulous hit, showcasing black and tuxedo cats. And what exactly was the gifted pro photographer’s special project? Faux magazine covers featuring black and tuxedo cats with witty article headlines and great models, to help them get adopted.

Here’s just one: (click on the cover to make the headlines larger)

You can see more of the cat covers at https://www.boredpanda.com/i-created-faux-magazine-covers-to-boost-black-cat-adoption/?utm_source=freekibble&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=organic

And if you have room in your house (we cat people always have room in our hearts) for one more feline, please consider adopting a black cat or a regal tuxedo from a shelter. Abishag and Ira would consider it a personal favor!