A List

If my fairy godmother’s listening, I’d like the gift of time, to write more books:

the prequel to Three Wise Cats, “Abishag, Ira, and Kezia the Beautiful”

“Witnesses to Miracles” (sequel to “Four With A Mission” ebook)

“Three Who Waited” (final volume in the TWC series)

“DIY ? Frugal?  Cat Care”

“The Doctor’s Cat”

“No Fleas in Heaven: Ringo Bojangles’ Memoir”

“Grayson, the Snowshoe Gumshoe of Gumption Junction”

“Grayson: Supercat”

“Grayson the Pirate Cat”

“Grayson the Wizard Cat”

“The Governess’ Cat”

“Castle Cats”

“The Princess and the Flea” (Kezia the Beautiful’s Memoir)

“Ship Captain’s Cat”

“The Parson’s Cat”

“Callie May Bunnyhunter” (Her Memoir)

“The Countess’ Cat”

“History By A Whisker” Series (short history books for readers 8 – 12 years old)

“Discarded Cats in the Country”

“The Cowboy’s Cat”

“Ptolemy Goes Truckin’ ” (His Memoir)

“You Know You Have A Cat When … ”

Gulp. And now you know what I’ll be doing in any spare time (LOL) …