No couch potatoes here

Ever wondered about taking your cat for a hike, or camping, fishing, kayaking …

Adventure Cats “Living nine lives to the fullest” is the site for you and your furry companion. How-tos, many, many true stories to read and consider, plus tips for just about any outdoor adventure you can think of will help you decide if your feline’s destined for travel.

But be aware hours can pass while you enjoy the site! Click here and enjoy:

Happy trails.


2 thoughts on “No couch potatoes here

  1. Randy says:

    The cats I see around here ain’t the kayaking kind. There aren’t many rivers with any water in them, anyway, and the lake is off limits due to algae. I think they’d just as well sleep in the cool and quiet of the back room. But when they twitch, maybe they’re kayaking in their dreams.


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