Too much excitement

Quite a dramatic series of thunderstorms prevented posting Tuesday – and then another dramatic event yesterday in the neighborhood gave us all a poignant reminder:

Even in hot weather, honk your auto horn before starting the engine if cats are living in close proximity.

Apparently one of the new working cats at the farm ‘down the block’ was frightened by some animal or loud noise, and she took refuge inside a truck engine. When someone tried to start the truck, the horrible shriek was from the poor cat, not the engine. It took three people over an hour to get Miss Kitty out and rush her to the vet. (Part of the engine had to be taken apart – she’d been hit by the fan blades and badly hurt.)

Miss Kitty’s a fighter, though, and the vet’s office reported this morning that she’d come through the night, surviving a concussion. They’re now doing x-rays to see other damage – her left leg was broken (OW) and the vets will see what else needs ‘fixing’ besides cuts and missing fur.

We have the most wonderful cat vets in the world at Reelfoot Animal Hospital – a big Thank You to Dr. Davis, Dr. Crews, Dr. Dugger, Dr. Middlebrook and the unflappable front line troops at the admissions desk – Joan, Lloyd, Glenda, Bethany, JoAnn and the rest of the crew.

And please check your car or truck before starting it! Not all cats are as tough (or as lucky) as Miss Kitty.