A cat may change its spot

Last night some of us were teasing Spot about her name. However, she began looking sadder and sadder, drooping a bit more as each bad pun was voiced.

Finally someone said, “I don’t think she likes puns about her name.”

Someone else commented, “I’m not sure she likes her name. She’s trying very hard to grow up into a lady cat, but ‘Spot’ is no name for a girl.”

Suggestions started being tossed out, after the reminder (according to T.S. Eliot, anyway) that every cat has a secret name that’s never revealed to anyone. “Antoinetta?” “Missy?” Several minutes later, one human thought of trying authors’ names. “How about ‘Isabel’ ? Like Isabel Allenda.”

The small cat perked up, smiled, and wagged her tail!

So now she’s Isabel. We’ll see if it ‘sticks.’ After all, she may just be going through a phase.

One thought on “A cat may change its spot

  1. Randy says:

    Never met an Isabel I didn’t like.


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