Weather only a grump could love

Ice, wind, snow and rain, rain, rain preceding the bitter cold reprise. Sigh.

Interesting article about cats and weather here:

Grayson’s mother, Gracie, would pace the hallway and become very agitated before a tornado-brewing storm. She was reliable on this prediction several times. The closest (thankfully) a tornado came towards our place was nine miles away. But it did major damage to the small town it hit and sadly, caused fatalities.

Definitely makes you think. Cats are meteorologists too?

2 thoughts on “Weather only a grump could love

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Hoping for the best for people and animals in the horrible Montecito calamities.


    • twccoauthor says:

      Can’t recall these areas of California being so hard-hit in years past. A good reminder for all of us to pause and affirm safety for everyone in the path of such destruction.


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