Ladybugs to the rescue

Long-time readers may recall how Abishag and Ira disliked the ‘invasion’ of ladybugs each year in the spring. They found the insects didn’t taste good at all; were simply oblivious to ownership claims, whether it was a cat toy or bed, and generally made nuisances of themselves, according to the feline contingent.

What the cats (and humans) didn’t realize was the ladybugs were busy devouring fleas, flea eggs, larvae, and any other pest guaranteed to make a cat miserable. Even the contracted pest control services couldn’t get rid of the fleas in a hot, humid environment. And there was always the worry about the cats licking their paws and ingesting the pesticide, or it getting on toys, bedding or food dishes.

We’ve ordered some ladybugs, because a flea has appeared (caught and killed, but still …)

And the cats will have to at least appear to be grateful, to have the fleas conquered naturally once again.

One thought on “Ladybugs to the rescue

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Thanks for the Earth-friendly answer to fleas.

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