Got a new cat or kitten?

Since it’s kitten season, you may very well wind up with a companion for your original cat, or simply give in to those appealing photos all over the net and adopt a stray or an older cat.

Please think everything through beforehand, and I’d like to recommend you keep your new pet cat indoors all the time, unless it has a cat-fenced area or outdoor catio. There are just too many hazards outside in the modern world for a small cat to survive the ‘great outdoors’ for very long.

Here’s a great article by cat behaviorist Marilyn Kreiger, from ‘Catster’ online magazine about persuading a formerly outdoor cat to happily settle down indoors. Read it here:

And now you can simply enjoy many years together! Purrfect!

One thought on “Got a new cat or kitten?

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Good advice and the linked article is excellent.


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