Camo cats

Ira has another little box bed beneath a downstairs window that he occupies during the warm nights. (Cat TV is on after sundown – possums, skunks, a deer, rabbits, raccoons, owls, feral cats.) It has a navy blue towel in it, and when he closes his eyes, you don’t even realize he’s in there – until you turn on a light and are searching for him upstairs.

That’s understandable. He’s a ninja at heart, after all. (Just another kind of soldier/warrior.)

But how an orange cat, a ginger, as the Brits call them, can disappear lying on powder-blue carpeting in the pre-dawn light, completely baffles me.

A disappearing Uno … he fades into an Oriental rug, too. Where next?

One thought on “Camo cats

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Cat TV is better than People TV, I’ve been told.


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