Love has no age limit

That’s a registered trademark of Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions, located in the Northwest section of Chicago. It’s a non-profit 501c3 organization, and you can check it out here:

What sets these remarkable volunteers and true pet lovers apart is that they rescue the dogs with gray muzzles, the once-spry cats with arthritis, from shelters. Why take them from shelters? Because, even though senior pets are more often than not calm, quiet, housebroken, used to kids and affectionate – people want puppies and kittens. And so they never leave the shelters except for the Rainbow Bridge. Euthanasia.

Young at Heart began in 2005, the same year I lost my beloved Siamese, Ptolemy, and Harold lost his cherished Charko. (Yes, they’re both in the books. Of course.)

Any volunteer help – even online – donations, or actual extra helping hands will be deeply appreciated by all the humans there.

And the older dogs and cats, who’ll get another home after losing theirs (often due to the death of their original owner) will continue to gladden hearts.

After all, Abishag and Ira both turn 13 this spring, and Grayson marks 11 years in midsummer … we grow older, together.

One thought on “Love has no age limit

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Cats grow wiser with age, but they’re not in politics, either.

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