It’s one of those influential, continual think-pieces that many of us would be tempted to brag about reading: Britain’s “New Statesman”, founded in 1913, before any of the world wars or even the Cold War.

And it has published a marvelous piece by John Gray about cats, quietly refuting many of the talking points at the center of the anti-cat movement.

Very thoughtful and well-reasoned, you can access the entire magazine piece here: ‘What cats can teach us about how to live’

Please do read it. Such bon mots as …”Yet cats do not struggle to remake themselves according to any ideal self-image. Not inwardly divided, they are happy to be themselves…” deserve an even wider readership on this side of the pond.

One thought on “Impressive

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Didn’t know there was an anti-cat movement (wouldn’t know it looking at FB). This article sticks it to them, however. Fur sure.


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