A perfect cat ‘owner’ attributes:

1. You like being purred to sleep.
2. You understand little dead critters are gifts of love.
3. You forgive toys hidden in weird places.
4. Eighteen pounds of cat on your chest is okay as long as you can still breathe.
5. You do the ‘did you hear that?!’ thing yourself.
6. You like routine interspersed with chaos.
7. Sometimes you’re in a crazy mood yourself.
8. Bad weather is great for viewing from indoors.
9. You like to think and to meditate.
10. You enjoy a rare kiss from a little sandpaper tongue.

You also wear cat fur on your clothes:
a) absentmindedly
b) frequently
c) resignedly
d) all of the above.

Congratulations! You’re a stellar example of a perfect cat ‘owner’ !