Mouse trap

You may not want to look very closely at what remains of two 12-year-old’s opponent in an epic battle just weeks ago. This was on top of my sewing table in the early morning.


But I have to admit, I’m proud of Abishag and Ira for getting a mouse that size (looks like a small rat, IMO) at their age. I would’ve been at a loss as to what to do with the thing if I’d seen it scuttling along.

It must’ve been quite a fight – there were small empty boxes knocked aside and other items shifted in the office. (Remember, they used to ‘team hunt’ moles in the backyard when they were very young. Ira would be at one end of the tunnel, Abishag at the other. They’d stick their paws down the holes until the mole leaped out of one end and tried to run. Wham! They had him.)

A toast to the hunters – instinct never grows too old.

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