Six cats, eighteen purrsonalities

It seems like each one cat has at least three furry faces to the world: hungry and impatient, cuddly and sleepy, and simply wacko. One of our cats isn’t big on catnip, while the others adore it. One is a lap-sitter by the hour if allowed; Ira likes to stand on a lap while kneading, Abishag prefers to lie beside you on the sofa. And all of them are total goofballs on occasion. Ya gotta love ’em!

Speaking of goofballs, here’s Seis with their catnip ball …seis-loves-catnip

2 thoughts on “Six cats, eighteen purrsonalities

  1. twccoauthor says:

    And hello to Jonathan Caswell, poet. Thanks for reading about all our ‘crazy cats’ – and keep on writing!


  2. Randy Stark says:

    LOL good photo!


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