Hurricane Matthew Reminds Us

Do you have a plan for evacuating your family and companion animals, in case of a fire, earthquake, hurricane or tornado? Most of us haven’t really thought that far ahead – but we need to do so.

Frank Cerabino’s blog, “my Palm Beach Post” reminds us of the need to plan – and check ahead of time to find a pet-friendly shelter!

West Boynton Beach recreation Center had separate areas for cats, dogs and humans for a very practical reason …”we don’t know who is allergic to what” but everyone was safe, dry, warm and fed.

Great story, and a good reminder. Please hug your ‘furry purry’ today – but plan for tomorrow too. Here’s a link to Mr. Cerabino’s blog:

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew Reminds Us

  1. Randy Stark says:

    What to do when it’s raining cats and dogs?


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