Individual Purrsonality

Each cat has its own purr; its own sound print.

Ptolemy’s purr was very deep in timbre and could be heard across the room. Abishag’s purr has always been subdued and confidential, while Ira’s is loud and bold. Kezia purred when she was most content, especially after her bath or a brushing to get her “lovely stripes” just so.

Grayson’s tone is warm and soothing; one of his self-imposed duties is to lull his humans to sleep. (He’s going to have a book series too.)

Our other rescues, Uno, Seis and Ocho have distinctively different ‘melodies.’ Uno stops and starts and reminds you of a boat motor. Seis and Ocho purr usually in tandem, steady and soothing, which makes for a real stereo experience.

Having a purring cat literally close at hand is even better than a teddy bear…

One thought on “Individual Purrsonality

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Purrty nice observation, as purr usual.


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