Abishag Is Twelve!

It doesn’t seem like that many years have passed … (cliche’ – sorry)

… she and Ptolemy used to lie underneath the wood deck in the backyard, out of the hot sun, and nap. Abishag taught Ptolemy the joy of rolling in the dirt in the driveway, too.

You could almost hear them both giggle when they’d stroll up to the kitchen door to come inside. They waited for my dismayed reaction, as Abishag looked like a once-black plush teddy bear that’d fallen into the dustbin. And Ptolemy’s fur was one grayish-brownish swamp water color instead of his usual impeccable Siamese seal point.

Next year she becomes a teenager …

abishag's nap

… birthday, whatever – just don’t disturb her nap.

One thought on “Abishag Is Twelve!

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Happy Birthday Abishag!


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