She talked! (No, not Garbo.)

Everybody has their favorite cat stories, so stop me if you’ve heard this one already. But it is a remarkable one, in my book.

Kezia the Beautiful was actually the Favorite Artist’s cat. And she adored him; slept on his arm if he sat down somewhere, sat on his shoulder while he played Halo or other war games, went in the car for short trips.

She was still quite young when the Favorite Artist and I were discussing getting her a collar for said outings. Being an artist, he decided she should have a collar in her favorite color, whatever that was. So he asked her.

“What’s your favorite color, so I can get your collar?”

And Kezia the Beautiful looked up at him and said, quite loudly, “Mmmellow.”

She couldn’t handle the ‘y,’ but it was obvious she wanted a yellow collar, to match her eyes. An astonishing moment.

Of course he got her the collar, and she wore it very proudly. It certainly highlighted her lovely stripes.

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One thought on “She talked! (No, not Garbo.)

  1. Randy Stark says:

    I have a favorite story, but cat’s got my tongue.😉


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