‘Catio’ in the planning stage

Ira stands upright at the screen door leading to the deck, watching birds, breathing in the lovely scents of spring. Abishag doesn’t stand up on two feet, thank you – she prefers sunbathing and napping.

We’re going to have to enclose the deck for two bossy, demanding, furry little tyrants …

Just hand me that box of nails and the hammer, would you? I’ll get my work gloves on. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “‘Catio’ in the planning stage

  1. twccoauthor says:

    Hello to Dori from NY! Talk about three svelte and lovely ladies!
    And Brett – thanks for the views and news on Canada – beautiful land and culture.
    Also, oneanna65 – your bravery and courage is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for showing us true valor.


  2. Randy Stark says:

    They don’t even have to say “Jump” and look what happens!


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