Tom Kitten

I recently read/enjoyed “A Fine Romance” by Susan Branch, her handwritten and illustrated book about her and her husband touring England, visiting the homes of noted authors. Lovely, envy-inspiring book!

They got to spend time at Beatrix Potter’s farm, where she lived and wrote many of her stories about the farm animals around her. (Remember Peter Rabbit?) And even though most of you reading this blog aren’t kids any more, sometimes we all need a bit of fantasy.

Here’s the link to the book:

And Beatrix Potter’s charming illustration
Tom Kitten in his finery

Please enjoy “Tom Kitten,” and then consider either volunteering to transcribe a book for them (and all of us voracious readers) or making a donation to The Project Gutenberg. It’s a wonderful effort to save every book possible for future generations.

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  1. Randy Stark says:

    Why whatever do you mean? I’ve been a kid for 63 years and don’t expect to change any time soon.


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