Copy cat?

This may be a good example of why the phrase ‘copy cat’ originated. Farmers around here usually have a hard-working cat or two in their barns and fields because the mouse problem is so prevalent. Unfortunately, the coyotes with their taste for cat snacks are also prevalent.

One nearby farmer brought his quite young cat inside the house each night so he wouldn’t be a coyote dinner. Each morning, as the farmer started up his old pickup truck, the cat would jump up into the truck and perch on the storage console between the front seats.

As the truck backed slowly down the driveway into the street, the farmer would look to his left to check traffic. So would his cat, at the same time. Then the farmer looked right. So did his cat, in unison.

When they drove down the street to the other fields, both farmer and cat watched straight ahead. I almost expected a paw to be signaling from the passenger window each morning.