Will they remember to tip?

Three cats stroll into a restaurant near dinner time and sit down on chairs at a corner table. A server hurries over. “You can’t do that! Cats aren’t allowed in here!”

The first cat, black with gold eyes and a purple tie says calmly, “I’ll have a nice tender mouse, medium rare, please.”

The second cat, a dainty calico with a cute fascinator over one ear asks politely, “What’s your catch of the day?”

And the third cat, a ginger flame point with a turtleneck under a sport coat, clears his throat. “I’d like some catnip tea to start.”

The server’s jaw drops and he stares at the three. “You talk! But – but – we still can’t serve you in here. It’s against the law!”

In answer, all three cats point a paw at a bottle sitting on the table. Its label reads, ‘Finest Catsup.’