A bird in the paw

Major excitement today! A house wren somehow managed to get into the office which Abishag and Ira call home.

As I walked up the stairs, Abishag met me. After two or three sentences of perfectly understandable (to her) Eloquent Cat, she hurried over to my desk and stared intently upward.

Then I noticed Ira was on the top compartment of my desk, also staring upward.

There was a house wren, perched on one of the open rafters, gazing at the two black cats. He briefly eyed me, then returned to quietly watching the cat tag team.

Luckily their favorite artist is home from college now, and with the aid of a butterfly net, a piece of cardboard and sheer ingenuity, the wren was captured and returned to the outside world.

Abishag immediately asked for a snack. Ira was deeply disappointed in that what he wanted as a snack was no longer available. Funny to see how invigorated he still is as he dashes about the office, hoping the bird will foolishly return.

What a story that poor house wren will tell for days and perhaps weeks.

One thought on “A bird in the paw

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Abishag and Ira handled this like adults. I know some cats who would have gone nuts and maybe trashed the office. My compliments.


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