May we have Indian Summer, please?

In-between weather. Too hot during the daytime, according to Abishag (who’s plump) and getting too cool at night with no gas fireplace available yet (Ira gets chilled easily).

A suggestion of a sweater gets the kind of look that would scorch ice cubes. And if Abishag could reach the controls for the air conditioner, her brother would have icicles on his ears.

We’d all enjoy six or seven weeks of Indian Summer. That’s ten votes for, with none against. (The cats insist they each get four votes, one vote per paw.)

How about it, Mother Nature?

One thought on “May we have Indian Summer, please?

  1. Randy Stark says:

    Ira might like it out here in the desert: still doesn’t get below 80 degrees at night!


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