Kezia the Beautiful

While we know she’s at the Rainbow Bridge, we still miss her very much. She really was the original of Kezia as portrayed in their book, “Three Wise Cats.” (Still available, as a Christmas season evergreen, at Penguin Random House: )

Somehow Kezia contracted Irritable Bowel Disease, and after valiantly battling it for years, she finally had to yield. She’d been on several special diets (giving up, unhappily, the people foods she loved) but as she aged, her body simply couldn’t continue the fight.


Her “lovely stripes.”

You can see her “lovely stripes” and smile in this photo; while there’s a bit too much flash, note how daintily she’d tucked her front paws. She knew from kittenhood how to ‘strike a pose’ for the camera.

Surely she and Ptolemy are ‘supervising’ our other companion cats as they all enjoy bright sunny skies, cool shade and flowers brimming with butterflies.

3 thoughts on “Kezia the Beautiful

  1. twccoauthor says:

    Wanted to say ‘hello’ and thanks for liking our blog to Marc-Andre’ from London, UK! Check out his ‘Katzenworld’ if you have a minute – a fun break from the mundane world of humans!


  2. Randy Stark says:

    Nice remembrance, fine observations.


    • twccoauthor says:

      Thank you – she was a small-boned, delicate ‘lady cat’ who was still quick enough to catch a mouse in one pounce at the ripe old age of eleven. A contradiction in stripes.


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