Those Special Quirks

Abishag, like most cats, has definite preferences in ‘people food.’ Her major weakness is cookies. Sugar cookies, Lorna Doones, vanilla wafers – she’s not really thrilled with peanut butter, but she’ll nibble a bit of one. Her favorite, though, is homemade lemon cookies, with a little sweet tea on the side. She discovered both of these as a tiny kitten, who’d climb up on my desk to share an afternoon break. (She also likes coffee with cream and sugar, please.)

A game she invented was to cover herself up completely by burrowing into an old soft blanket on the floor, close to my feet. Abishag would be invisible except for the delighted wiggle under the blanket when I’d say, “Why, where’s Abishag? She was right here a second ago!?” I’d ask that several times, until finally she’d peek out from under the cover, her eyes just dancing. And then she’d jump out, laughing. She’s the only cat I’ve ever known who laughs with her mouth open, silently chortling.

Every home office needs a resident feline Cookie Monster.