Independence Day – Bah, Humbug

Not their favorite holiday, with all the bangs and booms and sizzle of fireworks all around us. Kezia (reluctantly) shares ‘her’ house year-round with a nonchalant snowshoe, Grayson, and a calico yard cat (outside during the day only – coyotes prowl the neighborhood regularly) named Callie May Bunnyhunter. She’s the one made most nervous by all the noise; luckily there are plenty of corners to hide in for the evening. Grayson is unfazed; he watches the worst lightning displays with great interest but seems to think fireworks are small potatoes. Kezia snoozes but grumbles if a loud display wakes her up.

Abishag grumbles too, evidently comparing thunderstorms with their smaller cousins, the fireworks. Ira wonders about the gunpowder smells that drift in but will watch out an office window for a while if he can see people moving around.

Happy Fourth of July to all the human companions to cats – and please do hug your cat tonight!