Saying an Unexpected ‘See You Later’

It’s been quite a while since a posting …

How do you explain to a cat who suddenly can’t find its playmate that the other cat will never again be hiding behind the toy basket, or jump gleefully out of the bathtub, or cuddle close on a cold winter’s night?

So final, so sad.

Cats have close companions too, when there are three or more of them in a household. And when a cat becomes terminally ill, it’s not only the humans who grieve after the merciful euthanasia.

Humans who miss their pet can go to many helpful sites; a very comforting one is of course “The Rainbow Bridge,” available here:  And “Cold Noses At The Pearly Gates” by Gary Kurz is a wonderful book.

Perhaps for the cat who still looks hopefully toward the kitchen when it’s time for a late snack, expecting that other furry little face to come charging around the corner, time will be gentle with memories and the pangs will fade. A little extra brushing, a longer time spent making the bed and ‘conversing’ in the morning, a cuddle more often … and the promise whispered in the night that someday, someday … they will all be together again.

It’s really what keeps us all ‘keeping on,’ isn’t it?