The Weather Outside IS Frightful

Brrrr … this is the time of year when the cats and I are happy to be indoors. Abishag, Ira and Kezia aren’t big fans of snow, and since it’s been well-documented that indoor cats lead much longer and healthier lives, none of them venture outside anymore. And this is also the time of year when stray and feral cats get some much-needed help from compassionate humans. 

One of the best shelters which focuses on finding new homes for its inhabitants has got to be “The Goathouse Refuge” in North Carolina. The outstanding job Ms. Siglinda Scarpa is doing on her wooded acreage for unwanted and homeless cats makes the refuge an example for the rest of us. Strategic fencing and use of existing outbuildings (hence the name) mean the cats can roam, play in the sunlight, eat, nap and just enjoy being cats. If you’ve got a few minutes, check out her webpage:

I guarantee it’ll start the wheels in your head turning. It’s been an especially appropriate example, as we’re trying to get an animal shelter built in this rural area. We’ll keep you posted as to its progress. 

In the meantime, the three wise cats are busy bird-watching (Ira), napping (Abishag) and taking a bath (Kezia the Beautiful). Funny how they stay in character.