Music Is Almost As Good As Catnip

As I type this, Abishag is standing and gazing up at the speakers connected to my computer, while her brother Ira is flopped down atop my desk, basking in the music softly swirling through the warm room. 

Who knew cats had such diverse tastes? These two thrive on New Age, Oldies Rock and even a little western or jazz once in a while. (They like the Sons of the Pioneers, believe it or not.) Classical is also a favorite, although Beethoven is a little too heavy most of the time, give them Tchaikovsky instead. And opera only in small doses, thank you. 

Abishag will glare and huff over to stare threateningly at your ankles if you allow heavy metal or rap to issue forth from the speakers, even briefly. She also complains about too many commercials. Ira prefers one kind of music throughout the workday, rather than switching stations. 

These cats really dig music, daddy-o.