Christmas shopping season

For Harold and me, our favorite time of year (obviously) is Christmas. Just looking at the lights and decorations, watching people’s faces as they find the perfect gift for someone on their lists, or seeing the kids telling Santa what he should bring them … such a special part of the holiday.

We’ve heard from some of our readers that they’ve made reading a chapter or two from our book a tradition for their holiday. You have no idea how astonished that makes us – and it warms our hearts right down to our toes! 

You may or may not know that Penguin brought our book out in paperback this year. (The hardback is still available too.) It has all the clip art and the same beautiful cover as the original hardback did. Here’s a link to Barnes & Noble for that edition.

We’ve been working on both a ‘prequel’ and a sequel to the story. And we’ll keep you posted as to whether we go the traditional print route, or jump on into the new eBook format.

Right now, Abishag, Ira and Kezia are all looking hopeful, hinting that a snack on this chilly December evening would be most welcome. Why not curl up with your favorite cat, a cuppa something warm, and a good book? And thanks for reading!