Catnip for Christmas

Today Abishag and Ira are enjoying their new toys – a catnip-filled mouse and sardine. (I couldn’t make them wait until Christmas. I know – I’m a pushover. But Ira had an earache yesterday, and looked just pitiful.) Those cloth toys are going to be as loved to pieces as the Velveteen Rabbit. Ira had one of the sardines before, and it was his favorite toy – but then (horrors) … it got lost.

How many times have we gotten on our knees to peer under the sofa, refrigerator, bed? Moved heavy chests of drawers to find only dust and a very disappointed cat? Or gone through bags of trash, thinking perhaps the vacuum cleaner grabbed the one-and-only plaything? Of course, it doesn’t help matters in that Kezia has a bad habit of hiding any toy that isn’t in its owner’s paws at that precise moment.

If you’re still trying to find Christmas gifts for your favorite feline, take a look at That’s not a paid advertisement, by the way, just a suggestion that your cat might like an Appeteasers® toy too. And of course Doctors Foster and Smith produce the best ‘wish book’ – find them at One more – Siamese Rescue ( is my computer’s Home Page. They do great work rescuing and re-homing cats, and there’s a super gift shop too.

Which reminds me. Time to start thinking of ways to cat-proof the Christmas tree this year. Anyone have some suggestions?