Not your ordinary cats

Of course, everyone says that about his or her companion cats. But Harold and I hope you enjoy reading about some of the things that make our small herd a little different from the rest. (What do you call a collection of nine cats? Maybe ‘stampede’ would be better.)

We’ll be getting photos up for you and sharing links to some of our favorite blogs and websites as we go on. (Right now we’re figuring out how to make everything on this new blog work.) And of course, your cats and ours invent the craziest games and have the funniest habits – but just try to coax them to ‘do something!’ when you’ve got your camera in your hands, right? However, if cats did everything we told them to do, they wouldn’t be cats. They’d be … dogs, maybe. Aardvarks. House plants.

Let us know if our blog resonates with you … and in the meantime, have you ‘purred your cats’ today?